We make targeted consultations and support your decisions for harnessing the potential of architecture:


We provide targeted advice on fundraising, financing, incentives, regulations and we support your decisions for harnessing the potential of architecture.


We make targeted consultations and support your decisions for harnessing the potential of architecture.

Fundraising campaigns

Our office is able to organise fundraising campaigns that are particularly useful in the restoration of prestigious religious or historical buildings.
We prepare all the documents of the application for the architectural intervention to be submitted to public or private sponsors interested in the initiative.
The project is communicated and advertised by organising press campaigns and producing brochures and installations in situ, such as explanatory billboards, banners and poster photographs covering the scaffolds.

Collaboration with the Superintendent (the relevant building authorities)

To collaborate in the promotion of cultural heritage both nationally and internationally bringing people closer to art and architecture is one of the passions that drives us Twenty years of experience in the restoration of historic buildings allows us to implement projects that meet all the requirements relating to listed buildings from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and to relate to the functionaries of the Superintendent of architecture and landscape.

Financing and tax incentives

Today contemporary planning methods and the use of advanced technologies allow for high quality standards and also major savings in energy and heat consumption. Careful planning may greatly benefit both the environment and the consumer.
In addition, the current financial law allows a number of incentives to make homes more efficient for both heating and energy. Tax deductions may reach up to 65% of the investment.
The financial law has extended the possibility to deduct the costs of intervention for the conversion of buildings.
Our consultants offer assistance in obtaining financial support and incentives, from the technical and economic assessment of solutions to the preparation of the required applications.

Adjustment of religious architecture

The reform launched by the second vatican council, which ended in 1965, emphasised the wish to carry out religious functions according to a more active participation of the faithful.
The need to modify a few architectural settings within the churches has consequently arisen. in historical buildings this need should also be congruent with the desire to respect the past and its artistic works.
The issue is therefore the redesigning of the liturgical space within the church – especially the presbytery –according to a principle that will include and highlight all elements together.
Thanks to its specific competences and under the guidance of theologians and liturgists, our office has completed several projects in collaboration with the superintendency for environmental and architectural heritage, coordinating other professionals such as sculptors and restorers.

Removal of architectural barriers

Architectural barriers are those obstacles that block or limit movement for people temporarily or permanently unable to carry out everyday activities.
It is a common experience at home and outdoors that everybody can see: a pram to push, an unexpected accident, physical limitations of old age.
Solutions to overcome barriers are not always architecturally pleasing. we aim to solve this problem at the very first phase of planning as a central part of the project in order to eliminate the need for later modifications.

Healthcare buildings

In recent years the change in demographics and quality of life has led to the increase of the elderly population. naturally, this phenomenon has been accompanied by the increase of typical illnesses of old age that sometimes cause loss of independence.
Subsequently, healthcare residences – originally suited to house the elderly temporarily – have changed into places that can host elderly people in need of greater assistance for an undefined period of time. other structures have been designed, such as assisted living residences, targeted at independent users, and daycare centres that offer social and medical services during the day.
These changes take place within a complex regulatory framework, both national and regional, that has required existing structures to adjust to new standards, often forcing intervention on the existing properties.
Our expertise enables us to plan and implement adjustments to healthcare buildings. we also take care of all the organisational concerns that arise from the need of uninterrupted activity.
Our planning philosophy takes into consideration the difficulty the elderly experience when they leave home to live in a different environment. we aim to recreate spaces that are warm and inviting to make  residents feel welcome in their new home.

Adjustment to safety and fire prevention regulations

In every activity fire prevention regulations are necessary for the protection of people, assets and properties from damage.
The protection plan should also allow firefighters to intervene in full safety.
Our office specialises in obtaining compliance of existing and newly planned buildings with regulations.


The valuation of a property or land is sought through an estimated appraisal, a valuable tool for knowing the correct market value. This type of work allows accurate professional valuations of properties and land offering the best opportunities to optimize pricing.