Restoration of luxury buildings

Modern management of a historic building

The Nursing Home in Cologno al Serio is composed of three buildings under special supervision on the part of the Superintendency for architectural heritage: the Old Hospital of fifteenth-century origin, Villa Vaglietto dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and the recent Room Facilities.


Carried out jointly with architect Pierluigi Rigamonti, the project has renovated and enlarged the sanitary facilities, complying at the same time with current regulations for social care residences, overcoming architectural barriers and observing fire safety requirements.


A new underground building has been planned to serve a number of additional functions, besides connecting the three existing structures.
The massive structural intervention and restoration have made it possible to requalify the old buildings, adjusting the quality of care to the latest standards.


Special attention has been devoted to furnishings and colours, which facilitate the identification of each ward and make spaces warmer and more hospitable.

Project and construction management Studio Servalli Sironi