Restoration of luxury buildings

An important and valuable operation for the redevelopment of an ancient convent from the ‘600s.

In the ancient village of Longuelo, on the slopes of upper Bergamo, a precious operation for redevelopment to a professional studio. A former convent from the ‘600s, suppressed during the era of Napoleon, the quadrangle was transformed first into an institute and then into homes. The redevelopment transformed one of these apartments into a prestigious professional studio.


The removal of a previous poor operation brought to light the sixteenth century structure exposing the original beams and materials and with a terracotta floor. Under layers of plaster, in correspondence with the lunettes of the portico, were also discovered seventeenth century frescoes representing episodes from the life of St Francis.


The project envisioned a large unified space punctuated by an elegant staircase and modern steel structures with smooth cement floors that enhance the historic architecture and exploit all the verticality of the space. There were some signs of subsidence so modern facilities were incorporated.


Reception rooms were provided on the ground floor, a large work space on the first floor and a loft to accommodate office equipment, archives and a kitchenette. A glass window has been inserted into the roof which allows you to enjoy the fascinating view of the belfry of the church of the monastery.

Project and construction management Studio Servalli Sironi