Restoration of luxury buildings

Living the fascination of an eighteenth-century building

The Spampatti Palace is a prestigious eighteenth-century building in the historic town of Gandino.
A massive renovation project of static strengthening, renovation and reuse has made possible the harmonious inclusion of new home units.


Special attention has been devoted to safeguarding historical heritage and the convenience of the new apartments.
The characteristic features of the palace, such as the old stone stairway, the salons with frescoed walls and ceiling vaults, the inner porticos and the baroque basin, have been fully emphasised.
The inclusion of a new staircase with a lift has allowed for the perfect layout of the apartments.
A second lift leads to the underground garages located below the vegetable gardens.


Qualified restorers and experts in several disciplines participated in the renovation project in coordination with the Superintendency for environmental and architectural heritage of Milan.
The restoration work on frescoes, decorations and stones was carried out by using the most recent techniques and the original materials.

Project and construction management Studio Servalli Sironi