Restoration of religious architecture

A conservative restoration intervention after earthquake damages

San Pancrazio in Bergamo is a very old church, restored after 1720 on a project attributed to Giovanni Battista Caniana.


The building was damaged following the earthquake that hit Lombardy in 2004.
On that occasion plaster portions fell down, revealing a wide lesion with a ten-centimetre collapse of part of the vault and detachment between vault and façade.
Lesions were constantly monitored by a system of linear strain gauges.
The project repaired cracks by means of carbon fiber structural strengthening.


Stratigraphic samples allowed for the identification of the different decoration phases of the building.
In coordination with the Superintendency for environmental and architectural heritage, qualified restorers and experts in several disciplines restored interior decoration using contemporary techniques and original materials.


Damp rising from walls and the electric and lighting systems were also taken care of.
Engineers Pier Paolo Rossi and Christian Rossi collaborated to solve the problems of structural breakdown.

Project and construction management Studio Servalli Sironi