Planning new urban areas


Grifal SpA, a producer of eco-sustainable packaging, has expanded its industrial area and planned an increase in surface area of 6,750 square meters, bringing the total area of the complex to 17,500 square meters.


The architectural choice to maintain the unity of the area preserves the existing characteristics: facades made of prefabricated panels, the external finish with washed gravel from the Adige River in a light yellow and ivory colour mix, and black aluminium windows.


The design of the new complex is defined by compact volumes and characterized by two types of canopies: one made of iron, 2.50 meters deep, and two triangular laminated wood canopies, each 13 meters long. Sunlight casts shadows of the overhangs onto the facades, creating a continuous play of light and dark on the external walls.


The layout is functional to the company's needs: a warehouse with an overhead crane serves as a storage for paper reels, next to it is a second elongated building housing the production lines, and finally a warehouse for finished products, designed with openings on both sides of the building to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. Separate entrances and exits, as well as driveways between the warehouses, have been designed to facilitate the transit of numerous vehicles.


To meet fire safety regulations, the individual areas of the buildings are separated by REI-120 walls, and sprinkler systems with an underground storage tank and smoke detection systems have been installed.

Project and construction management Servalli Architettura