Project presented

A harmonious urban plan for the regeneration of an abandoned industrial area

This project belongs to the recovery plan launched by the Municipality of Vaprio d’Adda with the aim of regenerating an abandoned industrial area.
Its actual state is that of old warehouses with the addition of other buildings over time: a dishomogeneous architectural area now mainly dismissed.

The urban project was also commissioned with a view to the new viability plan, aiming to improve circulation by directing traffic to the main outer roads, thus reducing inner traffic.
The new plan intends to reconnect the urban fabric reusing some industrial architectural heritage and replacing other buildings with new ones.

The new area has been planned with a wide central green area provided with amenities, which will be a reference point for the entire neighbourhood.
Trails towards both the historic centre and the park, which enjoy a nice view, are also emphasised.

A high-profile urban transformation will promote harmony and environmental quality.

Project by studio Servalli Sironi