Project presented

Redevelopment of an interesting exemplar of industrial archaeology

An interesting industrial building for lime production, built alongside the river Meschio in the ancient centre of Serravalle, one of the two old villages that originate Vittorio Veneto (TV).

The complex, close to the mountain and the river and crossed by a waterway, was realized in different periods, in relation to the production needs and exploiting the topographical characteristics of the territory and, therefore, it consists of buildings very different in size and shape: the square and the turbines for the production of electricity at the top, the kilns and the production side downhill, the office block and the residence towards the road.

The project of regeneration aims to let know the potentiality of these areas, proposing a re-stitching of the urban fabric, interrupted by the particular topographic shape and the abandonment of the buildings for a long time.
Nature trails and historic-artistic run along a cycle path and along the waterway, and act as links with the mountains, the old town of Serravalle and the northern part of the city.

A large square, an ample covered area, an amphitheatre will host performances, markets and fairs.
Inside the buildings have been organized areas for conferences, exhibitions and a multimedia spiral museum, that rises to the level of the kilns and is dedicated to the history of Vittorio Veneto, the lime process production, the industrial archaeology and the culture of the wine.

In response to a requirement of the territory, have been set functions for private activities of public service: sale of local products, wineries and tasting of local wines, restaurant and bar with outdoor seating, a fitness area with spa.

Other surfaces will host activities of co-working, business incubators, workshops.
The office block and the former residence, are converted and transformed into a residence and a housing area, completed by parking.




Project by studio Servalli Sironi