Project presented for a commemoratice park 
in Iraq

A modern interpretation of the traditional Arabesque garden

This commemorative park is located in Al ’Amarah, capital city of the Maysan province, Iraq, along the banks of the Tigris river.

The commissioner has asked to introduce symbols of the Governing Body of the province that should be well visible from the street.
They are represented by a large emblem of the Governing Body of the province made of grass, the inscription “Governing Body of Maysan” placed at the centre of green labyrinth and a pond with the Maysan emblem and water plays.

The extended green area runs along the major roads and measures 10,000 square metres.
The wide pedestrian avenues that lead to the recently designed promenade along the river are lined with tall palm trees and lively decorated with citrus trees, pistachios, pomegranates and bush essences well suited to the climate.

Equipped rest areas are shaded by thick groves of palm trees of various species, while the garden is further embellished with citrus trees and aromatic plants and roses.

The park has been imagined as a modern geometrical garden that transforms commemorative elements into pleasant features.
It becomes an interpretation of the traditional arabesque garden full of scents, water and freshness.

Project by studio Servalli Sironi