Project presented

Renovation of a prestigious Liberty villa

The former Villa Guffanti is a prestigious Liberty building with decorated rooms and vaulted ceilings, built at the end of the nineteenth century as the home of the owner of the adjacent cement works.
The villa is part of an estate that includes a few other buildings inside a centuries-old park.
The property looks out onto the river Serio and is located in a dominant position in the historic centre of the town of Albino, in the province of Bergamo.  

Reuse, restoration and renovation will involve the harmonious introduction of functional apartments.
An elevator will stop at each floor from the basement, where a gym and a spa have been planned, to the attic.
The garages, located under the garden, will be directly linked to  the villa through underground access.

The project also involves the renovation of the annexes: the historic Liberty office building and the other rural constructions will be converted to host apartments, offices, bars and shops.

Being an element of prestige to the property, the park will also be renovated by designing walking paths and enhancing the fountain, the alleys and the centuries-old trees.  

Project by studio Servalli Sironi