• Restoration of luxury buildings
  • Restoration of religious architecture
  • Regeneration of urban areas
  • Interior design

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We enhance the personality of architecture
by actualizing with innovative solutions..
Whether it be a large project or small our functional and
aesthetic interventions combine to create an exciting result.

We enhance the warmth, the harmony,
the history of a place


Any advice
is not only any advice


We provide targeted advice on
fundraising, financing, incentives, regulations
and we support your decisions
for harnessing the potential of architecture.

The interaction with the client creates
a solution which expresses the personality


A project to restore the antique splendour of the facades

It is known that Giuseppe Verdi dedicated the last period of his life to helping those involved in the musical arts who were unable to spend their...

Designed the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2016 of Antalya

Turkey is the venue for an important international exhibition dedicated to the theme “A green life for future generations”, with a focus on bio-...

The project for the restoration of Sant’Agata in the Carmine was given The Italian Heritage Award first place.

The restoration and fundraising project for Sant’Agata in the Carmine was given The Italian Heritage Award 2013 International Prize for the...

Redevelopment of an interesting exemplar of industrial archaeology

An interesting industrial building for lime production, built alongside the river Meschio in the ancient centre of Serravalle, one of the two old...

Renovation of a prestigious Liberty villa

The former Villa Guffanti is a prestigious Liberty building with decorated rooms and vaulted ceilings, built at the end of the nineteenth century...

A harmonious urban plan for the regeneration of an abandoned industrial area

This project belongs to the recovery plan launched by the Municipality of Vaprio d’Adda with the aim of regenerating an abandoned industrial area...

A modern interpretation of the traditional Arabesque garden

This commemorative park is located in Al ’Amarah, capital city of the Maysan province, Iraq, along the banks of the Tigris river.


Functionality of space
together with an aesthetic environment

Marco Paolo Servalli

Architecture is a living organism, with a history of its own, a birth and a life of transformations. A transformative activity, reuse adapts a building to the needs of contemporary living and should be carried out respecting the culture which produced it and the fascination it transmits.
Restoration is also a work of transformation, adapting the building to the needs of modern life which must be conducted for the culture that produced it and the charm it conveys. Marco Paolo Servalli is the author of important architectural projects of restoration and redevelopment. He is considered a specialist in the restoration of buildings and specifically project management.